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Our History

ecobug® technology was originally developed 25 years ago by fourth generation farmer Philip Hinman, with the intention of caring for the land and environment. The business is still family run by Philip's son Will.

How it works (without blinding by science!)

ecobug® products are super-powerful cleaners for kitchens and toilets, surfaces, drains, sewers and septic tanks. They don't use harmful chemicals and they carry on working, long after application.

ecobug® uses a particular strain of friendly, natuarally occurring, good bacteria to fight bad bacteria. These happy little creatures multiply on the walls of pipes, combatting smell and other nasties long after bleach would have washed away. They also prevent drains from blocking, we guarantee!

In some situations, ecobug® can save up to 98% of the water that was being thrown down the drain, because it just doesn't need it to do its job.

The bad bugs are the ones responsible for the smell amongst other antisocial and unhygenic things... so by putting an end to them, we're not masking nasty smells with even nastier perfume... We're actually getting rid of the smell.

To be a more technical, we're talking about microbial, antimicrobial, plant extract and enzyme based ecological bacteria. We try to avoid blinding by science in favour of demonstrating the end result... clean, fresh smelling toilets and no blocked drains or sewers, guaranteed!

Ecobug® products comply with ISO 9001 for Quality Standards and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management


Dear Reader,

From the outset when my father (Philip Hinman) developed his land drainage, sewage and water consultancy, back in 1972, we played a major role in projects with the Water Research Centre for the development of colour CCTV systems, the leak noise correlation, proving of the national standard for sewer data capture and record keeping. Other activities included overseas working in Cairo, South Africa and North Sea projects and many others less glamorous schemes such rat baiting studies.

Building on this knowledge and care of the environment we developed specialist biological treatments to some of the problems encountered. This led to a joint venture with Cardiff University in our early days where various strains of what in simplistic terms can be stated as "good bacteria" were evolved, which manage the bad bacteria. APH became an innovative force in the development of "Specialised Microbial, Antimicrobial, Plant Extract and Enzyme Technologies". This has formed the basis of over 120 products, which are marketed under the brand name ecobug® that has been registered all around the world.

We are proud to be living up to our vision of leading in the UK biological and clean-up industry by increasing our customer base worldwide, expanding our range of activities and building our brand reputation for quality performance in both our products and our people.

We look forward to helping you deliver your environmental sustainability objectives now and in the future.


Will Hinman, CEO

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  • The development of good bugs -
    bacterial strains which are greener and cleaner

  • Saves water, Saves money... Up to 98%