Save £2,162 each year and 1/2 a tonne of CO2 per washroom*

It comes as a shock to realise how much water is wasted in company washrooms.

Each day, UK utility companies pump over 19 billion litres of clean drinking water to businesses, homes, hospitals and schools.

  • Only 4% of our tap water is actually used for drinking
  • More than a third of our tap water is flushed straight down the drain
  • A typical urinal flushes 105,000 litres of tap water yearly - about £315


Water and carbon

To supply and treat 1m3 of tap water takes around 1.2kWh of electrical energy.
This creates 0.7kg of CO2.

A buiding with 14 unrestricted urinals could use 1.4 million litres of water each year, creating over a tonne of carbon emissions!

Try our calculator to see how much is used - save up to 98% with ecobug

ecobug® brings a revolutionary ecological cleaning regime - a range of friendly bio-products that conserve water and clean up waste water output.

With ecobug®, your water savings can be substantial. The saving can be offset against carbon emissions with an approved formula. The formula we have is quoted from The Code For Sustainable Homes (CSH) and water consumption.

Carbon Reporting is now mandatory

On 12 June 2013, the UK department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) laid before Parliament The Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013, requiring around 1,100 of the UK’s largest listed companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions every year.

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* Saving £2,162 based on 7 urinals

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  • The development of good bugs -
    bacterial strains which are greener and cleaner

  • Saves water, Saves money... Up to 98%