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ecobug® GDII Grease Degrading System

This smart dosing system for commercial kitchens, ecologically combats fats, oils and grease and guarantees clear drains.

The old fashioned grease trap needs emptying or unblocking regularly… Kitchen owners know too well the cost, hassle and downtime. Many will experience the damage rodding can cause to drains.

ecobug® GDII prevents blockages, using good bacteria to digest fat, eradicate bad smells and maintain good hygiene.

Where other solutions are quickly washed away, a bio-film of good bacteria builds up on the walls of the drain whilst they continue do their job, for as long as food (fat, oil, grease and or other digestibles) comes down.

ecobug® Grease Degrader needs a single cartridge refill each year and is simple to install.

This unit ensures hotels, pubs, restaurants, fast food outlets and other food companies comply with current legislation - Part H of the British Building Regulations. The unit is designed to BS EN 1825-2:2002.


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The GDII complies with Section H of the building regs 2000. All commercial kitchens producing hot food must have either a mechanical grease trap, or a suitable grease dosing system. GDII has minimal moving parts and embraces a highly efficient Venturi injector pump system, for pin-point dosing according to water pressure.


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