product imageGood news for landfill operators and waste management companies

ecobug® Landfill Waste Treatment Spray

A new waste management solution, attacking cause, not effect.

  • Combats and eradicates mal-odour
  • Accelerates degradation
  • Reduces fly infestation
  • Reduced smell in just 20-30 minutes

The good ecobug® bacteria digest the organic matter in the waste, out-competing odour-producing bacteria. Free enzymes work quickly to colonise.

Good bacteria continue to work, dividing every 20 minutes, for as long as there is waste to feed them. They even work without oxygen, continuing the job after burial.

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ecobug® High Performance Washroom Cleaner

Concentrated or in a ready-to-use hnd spray, this effective cleaner smells great and is specifically designed to work with ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps and these Cubes.

Extra strong urinal caps

ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps

For the same effective water-saving performance, with a smart, professional impression, try ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps.

eco-mighty range

ecobug® Water-Saving Flush Timer

These Urinal Cubes only need one flush each day. To make the water saving, you'll need this Flush Timer.