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Sustainable kitchens

Anyone who has run a kitchen and faced blocked drains or a grease trap, will welcome the practical, cost saving benefits of Ecobug's eco-friendly products.



Hotel owners, restaurateurs or any commercial kitchen operator will know that an effective means of grease removal is a building regulation.


Good bacteria eradicate bad bacteria

Ecobug have harnessed naturally occurring bacteria to digest the fat, grease and scale that causes blockages. The bad bacteria that create nasty smells are also eradicated.


Keeps on working

Our tough, high performance range continues to do its job long after traditional and damaging bleaching agents have washed away.



Ecobug® products comply with ISO 9001 for Quality Standards and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management

Sustainable washrooms

An organisation is judged on its facilities - by customers, clients, employees, investors... That smell comes from bacteria, sporadically cleaned away with poisonous bleach, washed down with perfectly good drinking water. The bacteria return in hours.

Good bacteria eradicate bad bacteria

Ecobug® have harnessed a strain of naturally occurring bacteria that erradicate the bad bacteria that cause the smell. Ecobug® also digests the uric scale that blocks drains. No nasty chemicals, no masking bad smells with worse perfume.


Keeps on working

The good bacteria multiply, to form a bio-film lining inside the drain pipe, continuing their job long after bleach would have washed away.


Saving up to 98% water saves money

An ecobug® cap keeps a urinal clean and fresh with a single cup of water each day. This can save over £300 per year per urinal.

Time for a change?

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