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ecobug® Septic Tank Conditioner

Simply flush down the toilet to maintain and condition.
Reduce, if not elimitate the need and cost to empty your septic tank. Perfect for domestic tanks, as well as caravans and boats.

ecobug® Septic Tank Conditioner employs good bacteria, to outperform bad bacteria. This avoids bad smells and makes the septic tank more efficient, so it needs empyting less often, if at all.

  • Extends Life of drain area
  • Controls methane production
  • Improves drain field percolation
  • Keeps sewer lines open
  • Prevents drain blockage
  • Does not damage plastic or metal plumbing
  • Safer and less damaging than harsh chemicals
  • Helps eliminate soggy soil caused by clogging
  • Degrades paper, grease and vegetable waste
  • Degrades waste faster
  • Eliminates odours which can attract insects

"We've used ecobug® Septic Tank conditioner for the past seven years and not needed our septic tank emptying throughout that time. We stopped using bleach into our drains and recently started using the ecobug® High Performance Washroom Cleaner” Rosemary Hinman, Pembrokeshire

Available in 1kg foil bags to maintain freshness. Use half a bag to to kick start the biological action by flushing down the toilet. After that, flush 10 grams each week to maintain the biological action.

Don't use bleach or other chemical toilet cleaners, as this will stop the biological action. ecobug® High Performance Washroom Cleaner is perfect for the job.


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ecobug® High Performance Washroom Cleaner

Concentrated or in a ready-to-use hnd spray, this effective cleaner smells great and is specifically designed to work with ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps and these Cubes.

Extra strong urinal caps

ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps

For the same effective water-saving performance, with a smart, professional impression, try ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps.

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ecobug® Water-Saving Flush Timer

These Urinal Cubes only need one flush each day. To make the water saving, you'll need this Flush Timer.