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ecobug® Sewerage Treatment

Municipalities and Utility Companies face major challenges… As sewage breaks down anaerobically, Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) is created. It reacts with water to create Sulphuric Acid (H2SO4)...

Besides the sulphurous smell of rotten eggs and bad drains, the acid eats pipelines and pumping stations.

ecobug® sewage-treatment is the effective and bio friendly solution. Concentrated good bacteria developed specifically to overcome bad bacteria that create the smell and the damage. A slow-release oxygen supply (Oxyfoam SRO2) creates an aerobic environment to slow the production of H2S, whilst the ecobug® bacteria multiply to continue the job, for as long as there is a food supply.

Results will be noticed rapidly, in 3-4 weeks.

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ecobug® Depth Charge

Banishes fat, oil and grease from sewage pumping stations, and continues to do so.

Extra strong urinal caps

ecobug® Fatbuster

Irreversably breaks down fat, oil and grease in minutes

eco-mighty range

ecobug® Water-Saving Flush Timer

These Urinal Cubes only need one flush each day. To make the water saving, you'll need this Flush Timer.