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ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Cubes

Saving up to 98% of the water we flush down the drain, these can save up to £300 a year on every urinal in your organisation.

ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Cubes employ good bacteria, which outperform the bad bacteria that you know only too well… The cause of that horrible gent’s toilet smell. A bad smell is bad for business in every situation.

Our cubes actually eradicate the smell... They don’t just mask it with even nastier perfume.

Better than the others...

Most other urinal blocks wash bleach or other poisonous chemicals down the drain, into the water system. They kill bacteria momentarily, until the chemical is washed away by the next flush.

ecobug® Urinal Cubes build up a bio-film on the walls of drain-pipes. The good bacteria divide and reproduce, to continue their work long after the flush.

Why are they better?

These cubes just need one flush a day. Imagine how much water that would save! Unbelievably, some urinals still waste 12 litres of clean tap water every hour.

  • Eliminates foul toilet smell
  • Breaks down limescale
  • Prevents bockages
  • Saves water (up to 98%)
  • 100% soluble - no bits left to block the drain
  • No pointless bulking fillers, such as salt. All ingredients are active.


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ecobug® High Performance Washroom Cleaner

Concentrated or in a ready-to-use hnd spray, this effective cleaner smells great and is specifically designed to work with ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps and these Cubes.

Extra strong urinal caps

ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps

For the same effective water-saving performance, with a smart, professional impression, try ecobug® Extra Strong Urinal Caps.

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ecobug® Water-Saving Flush Timer

These Urinal Cubes only need one flush each day. To make this water saving, you'll need this Flush Timer.